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"Fiscal Cliff" Tax Compromise Will Allow 401k Intra-Plan Roth Conversions


The "fiscal cliff" tax compromise just passed by Congress expands the opportunity to convert pre-tax savings in a 401k plan into Roth savings. The new rule, shown below, will allow 401k participants to complete intra-plan Roth conversions.



(a) In General.--Section 402A(c)(4) is amended by adding at the end the following:

"(E) SPECIAL RULE FOR CERTAIN TRANSFERS -- In the case of an applicable retirement plan which includes a qualified Roth contribution program--

"(i) the plan may allow an individual to elect to have the plan transfer any amount not otherwise distributable under the plan to a designated Roth account maintained for the benefit of the individual,

"(ii) such transfer shall be treated as a distribution to which this paragraph applies which was contributed in a qualified rollover contribution (within the meaning of section 408A(e)) to such account, and

"(iii) the plan shall not be treated as violating the provisions of section 401(k)(2)(B)(i), 403(b)(7)(A)(i), 403(b)(11), or 457(d)(1)(A), or of section 8433 of title 5, United States Code, solely by reason of such transfer."

(b) Effective Date --The amendment made by this section shall apply to transfers after December 31, 2012, in taxable years ending after such date.


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