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Trust Builders Introduces New Fiduciary-Focused Features


DALLAS, OR, February 14, 2017 -- Trust Builders, Inc. is at the T3 Advisor Conference this week announcing the release of two features to help advisors serve clients in a fiduciary capacity. The two newest features complement the retirement readiness solutions in The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK) by integrating an annuity illustration into the Sequence of Returns analysis and allowing advisors to document their advice to clients.

"Financial advisors' clients need to understand how market volatility can hurt their chances of a successful retirement, and they also need to know that options are available to mitigate the risk," said Edward Dressel, President of Trust Builders, the Dallas, Oregon-based developer of TRAK. "The new annuity illustration will help advisors educate clients about the possible benefits of an annuity to safeguard their retirement income."

Two New Features Help Advisors Serve Clients in a Fiduciary Capacity

Dressel will be a featured speaker at T3 Advisor Conference at the Hyatt Regency Orange County on Thursday, February 16 on the topic, How to Increase Your AUM as a Qualified Plan Advisor. He will be joined by financial advisor Wade Murphy who will show how successful advisors not only increase contributions within the plan but find assets outside the plan – all through effective participant engagement.

T3 attendees will have ample time to visit the Trust Builders booth #201 and learn more about how to become a plan advisor, how to gather more AUM and how to engage plan participants with the goal of increasing retirement savings.

Two New Features Demonstrate Market Volatility and Fiduciary Compliance

The first new feature complements the Sequence of Returns calculator, which illustrates a client's retirement plan using historical market performance. The new feature allows an advisor to illustrate market volatility and then illustrate how an annuity may have provided some protection against market downturns during retirement.

The second feature allows an advisor to document which scenarios were presented to the client and which one was selected by the client. This feature allows the advisor to keep records of what advice was presented to a client and what advice the client decided to take action on, including client verification of the document. This paper trail helps advisors comply with strict fiduciary standards and protect themselves by demonstrating that they have acted in a client's best interest.

"Advisors need solutions to document the advice they provide for the mutual benefit of the client and the advisor," Dressel explained. "The paper trail feature allows advisors to document their process and be able to save records for the future."

Passion Is Helping to Engage and Educate Advisor's Clients

The two new features augment TRAK's suite of solutions that engage clients in the retirement planning process. "These new features for TRAK go right to our passion: helping advisors engage and educate their clients," said Dressel. TRAK presents advisors with a simple but powerful technological solution that allows them to confidently work in their clients' best interest. TRAK also allows advisors to incorporate multiple assets and income streams, thereby improving projections of clients' retirement income.

TRAK features over 20 calculators to educate clients on financial planning topics including a full retirement needs analysis, retirement plan contribution analysis, Social Security timing strategies, participant benchmark reports and many more.

Retirement plan managers and financial advisors interested in learning more about TRAK are encouraged to visit www.AskTRAK.com, call 503-831-1111 or email support@AskTRAK.com.

About Trust Builders

Trust Builders™ helps advisors build their clients' trust. Founded in 1986 as a retirement investment firm for teachers and other public employees, Trust Builders specializes in retirement planning, analysis and illustration software for 401k, 403(b) and government retirement plan agents and brokers. Trust Builders is committed to continuously improving its software and to supporting agents and brokers with online and classroom-based training.

For more information, visit www.AskTRAK.com.


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