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This is a short bibliography of helpful and practical books around 401k plans and related issues.

Hey! What's My Number?: How to Improve the Odds You Will Retire in Comfort

Reviews a four-step process that gives an easy-to-understand road map to that comfortable retirement. It features a "Retirement Readiness" calculator that acts like a check engine light for your retirement savings vehicle.

Pandamensional Solutions, December 2014, 202 pages

A Guide to ERISA Fiduciary Responsibilities: For Advisors and Sponsors

A Guide to ERISA Fiduciary Responsibilities provides advisors who work with 401k, 403(b), and other types of defined contribution plans and plan sponsors critical information about how to effectively run these plans. The Guide provides crystal clear explanations and useful pointers for improvement of plan performance and reduction of liability.

FPG Publications, May 2014, 166 pages

401k Essentials for the HR Professional

Explains the ABC's of operating a 401k plan from the employer's perspective and provides the information you need to ensure plan compliance with the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor. Provides the details needed to become familiar with terminology, operations, deadlines and processes.

Blue Point Books, April 2014, 176 pages

2013 ERISA Outline Book

The ERISA Outline Book is an eight-volume reference book and study guide containing 8,500 pages of comprehensive information on qualified plans, presented in outline format and fully indexed. The ERISA Outline Book is the recommended study resource for IRS Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent (ERPA) Program.

ASPPA, August 2013, 8531 pages

Plan Correction Answer Book, Fourth Edition

Plan Correction Answer Book provides the most current and comprehensive answers to the issues faced daily by plan administrators, benefits consultants, attorneys, and other pension professionals in the area of plan compliance. The authors examine the range of remedial programs available, the penalties that can be imposed, and the unique qualification issues for 401k plans and employee stock ownership plans.

Aspen Publishers, June 2013, 220 pages

Prudent Practices for Investment Advisors

A timeless and flexible process for successful investment management decision making that is specifically tailored for Investment Advisors- professionals who provide comprehensive and continuous investment advice.

Fi360.com, May 2013, 320 pages

401k Answer Book, 2014 Edition

401k Answer Book provides coverage of 401k plan design, testing, taxation, reporting and disclosure, and termination, and brings you up to date on investment-related topics and regulatory guidance. Written by the experts, it is packed with special features, including: Practice pointers; Checklists, charts, and sample notices; Step-by-step procedures; and, Examples showing how to apply concepts to real-world situations.

Aspen Publishers, October 2013, 1224 pages

401k Fiduciary Solutions

Book is written for plan managers, sponsors and others with 401k plan fiduciary responsibilities and covers all aspects of 401k compliance. It is in a single reference source for 401k compliance. The "involved" plan participant - the employee - may also find the book a helpful source for advice on how to actively monitor plan performance and compliance with regulations.

Fiduciarynews.com, April 2012, 320 pages

The ERISA Fiduciary Compliance Guide

The all new ERISA Fiduciary Compliance Guide enables you to stay completely compliant with the new Department of Labor Regulations under §408(b)(2), significantly affecting ERISA fiduciary disclosure requirements.

Summit Business Media, March 2012

ERISA Litigation, Fourth Edition, with 2012 Supplement

ERISA cases are complex and often contain multiple issues that are difficult to untangle in order to analyze and litigate each issue effectively. ERISA Litigation, Fourth Edition supplies complete analysis of the developments in heavily litigated areas such as standard of review, preemption, fiduciary duties, pension plan investments, and retiree welfare benefits, as well as of cutting-edge problem areas such as privacy, contingent workers, managed care, and RICO.

BNA Books, December 2011, 1530 pages

Designing Successful Target-Date Strategies for Defined Contribution Plans: Putting Participants on the Optimal Glide Path

In the wake of the explosive growth of defined contribution (DC) plans invested with target date strategies, and the understanding of how important these strategies can be in effectively meeting retirement income goals, plan sponsors are seeking more optimal target date approaches. This timely book provides you with in-depth answers from the nation's most qualified and experienced experts to pressing questions about DC plan design.

John Wiley and Sons, April 2010, Pages: 336

Managing Your Firm's 401k Plan: A Complete Roadmap to Managing Today's Retirement Plans

With the recent uncertainty in the economy and financial markets, 401k plans are now under more scrutiny than ever. Written for finance and benefit professionals who are responsible for the management, operations, or oversight of their company's 401k plan, Managing Your Firm's 401k Plan offers a guide to designing and managing a 401k with a focus on financial, fiduciary, and regulatory standards.

John Wiley and Sons, September 2010, Pages: 240

The Retirement Plan Solution: The Reinvention of Defined Contribution

The Retirement Plan Solution provides a clear solution to the problems that have popped up with the defined contribution plan. The authors' solution is twofold. The first addresses the accumulation process in which the retiree is making and saving his or her money during the working years. The second solution addresses the decumulation process in which the retiree is spending his or her money during the retirement years.

John Wiley and Sons, July 2009, Pages: 230

Fixing the 401k: What Fiduciaries Must Know (And Do) to Help Employees Retire Successfully

The 401k is the mechanism that over fifty million people will rely upon to help their retirement dreams become a reality. This book is the starting point for employers who want to understand how to make their 401k truly excellent.

Mill City Press, August 2008, Pages: 176

The 401k Advisor

The 401k Advisor is user-friendly enough for advisors new to the 401k market, yet accurate and authoritative enough to satisfy the needs of longtime experts. From design features to sales ideas, this book provides everything you need to establish or increase a presence in the 401k market.

National Underwriter Company, July 2005, Pages: 227

Coming Up Short: The Challenge of 401k Plans

While in theory 401ks can be an effective savings vehicle for retirement, in practice many people make mistakes at every step along the way. Book discusses why these mistakes are made and proposes various reforms to ensure that the aging population will have adequate retirement income. Book is designed for financial service professionals, policymakers, academics, and individuals planning for their own retirement.

Brookings Institution Press, February 2005, Pages: 210

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