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Mid Atlantic Trust Company Announces the Launch of ModelxChange

PITTSBURGH, PA -- December 13, 2010 -- Counsel Trust Company dba Mid Atlantic Trust Company (MATC) is pleased to announce the launch of its new platform, ModelxChangeSM, the first platform of its kind that allows 401k professionals to seamlessly incorporate mutual fund and/or ETF investment models into a retirement plan all through a single, web-based interface. ModelxChangeSM is ideal for those Professional Money Managers, Investment Advisors, and Plan Recordkeepers who want to stay on the forefront of the 401k marketplace, and are interested in maintaining a larger share of the generated revenues.

For Professional Money Managers, ModelxChangeSM uniquely provides a single system for the creation, execution and on-going management of investment models for the 401k marketplace. Through this easy-to-use interface, managers can set-up and manage their investment models and then deliver those models and the investment changes to each individual 401k. "For the professional money manager, the power of ModelxChangeSM comes from not having to log into several different record keeping systems every time they make a change to an investment model," said Tim Friday, the CEO of Mid Atlantic Capital Group, parent company of an independent financial services group of companies. "With a single sign-on to ModelxChangeSM, the changes money managers make to their models are automatically updated in each individual record keeping system, seamlessly," added Mr. Friday.

Through ModelxChangeSM, money managers can also set security and cash targets, as well as specific investment exclusions requested by the plan fiduciary. All of the plan flows, asset levels, and detailed information related to the plan are right at the money manager's fingertips through the easy to navigate website. ModelxChangeSM also delivers numerous benefits to the 401k Plan Investment Advisor, chiefly by providing access to a stable of third party money managers with proven track records that are able to provide models comprised of ETF's and/or mutual funds. Tim Friday explained, "What we've done with ModelxChangeSM is provide investment advisors with access to well respected money managers. We have simplified the due diligence screening process by providing them manager profiles, descriptions, performance data and other details of each model. This reduces the amount of time required for the advisor to review the myriad of data that is necessary to make an effective choice for a client."

Plus, with the seamless integration ModelxChangeSM provides for the management of the individual investment models, Plan Investment Advisors can be assured that their client's plan is always in-sync with the Model Manager's recommendation. ModelxChangeSM also eliminates the tedious process of coordinating all of the moving parts required for Plan Recordkeepers to effectively manage an investment model within a retirement plan. Beau Adams, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Benefit Consultants Group, a client of MATC, explains: "Each time a plan advisor calls to submit a change to the investment model it results in a long stream of trades and record adjustments we have to make in order to keep the plan in compliance." ModelxChangeSM streamlines this process by seamlessly coordinating all the moving parts required to handle a model within a retirement plan.

About Mid Atlantic Trust Company

Mid Atlantic Trust Company (MATC) is an independent expert in trust & custody solutions for retirement plans. They provide first-class service to their clientele, which consists of teamwork, innovation and reliability. Through this continual improvement process, Mid Atlantic is dedicated to meeting the increasing requirements of the marketplace in the years ahead.


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