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Bart Ballinger to Spearhead Sales of NestUp


FAIRPORT, NY, August 31, 2016 -- Perspective Partners LLC is pleased to announce and welcome Bart Ballinger as Vice President of Sales, with responsibility for strategic partnerships and sales of recently launched NestUp Managed Deferrals®. He will report to Perspective Partner's CEO David Snyder.

Ballinger has more than 20 years of experience in the retirement industry. Prior to joining Perspective Partners, he was Director of Intermediary Relations at Empower Retirement. In that role, he was responsible for managing key advisor and consultant firm relationships in the Western U.S. Ballinger previously served as Client Advisor, Large Market Sales at JP Morgan, and VP of National Accounts at Wells Fargo Retirement & Trust Services.

NestUp® is the first and only program to coordinate both 401ks and HSAs. It educates employees, offers them personalized 401k and HSA deferral recommendations, and implements their choices with just two clicks. When appropriate, NestUp also recommends directing HSA deferrals to retirement-oriented investments and lets employees opt for an HSA investment based on their 401k QDIA.

According to Ballinger, "NestUp is a game-changer, not only for employees and employers, but for retirement plan advisors (RPAs). It offers them a powerful way to help differentiate their program and play a bigger role with sponsors by freeing their servicing model from dependencies on 401k or recordkeeping providers."

Perspective Partners works with RPAs, employers, and recordkeepers to deploy NestUp, which can be used with any 401k or HSA provider. NestUp makes it easy for HR and for the employee by handling the movement of funds from the paycheck to the right account, whether it's the 401k, the HSA transactional account, or the HSA retirement account.

Moreover, NestUp can become the system of record for HSA deferrals, giving HR the benefit of providing employees with a time-saving self-service option for making changes.

NestUp recently concluded a two-year pilot program that demonstrated its ability to significantly advance the interests of both employees and employers. Deferrals into HSAs were increased both years by employees who received personalized guidance to do so along with a "do-it-for-me" option for easy execution. In year one, 47% of those employees made an increase. In year two, it was 68%. Deferrals into 401ks were also increased both years by employees who received personalized guidance to do so.

Both years also showed significant increases in the number of employees who directed their HSA deferrals into retirement-oriented investments, indicating heightened recognition of long-term health needs and the potential for greater tax benefits. What's more, when health plan education was added to NestUp in year two, the number of employees electing the plan with the highest deductible more than tripled.

Clearly, NestUp can help accomplish a number of important objectives, including:

  • Increase participation rates and deferral rates in both HSAs and 401ks.
  • Provide employers with near- and long-term reductions in benefits costs.
  • Make it easier for employees to optimize their savings, finance short- and long-term healthcare needs, and prepare financially for retirement.
  • Encourage greater engagement in high deductible health plans.

Says Ballinger, "For strategically minded advisors and brokers, NestUp isn't just a path to more revenue, it's a way to deliver serious benefits to the C-suite. It's a better solution that can generate far more value add and differentiation."

For further details, an informative whitepaper is available titled How Integrated Benefits Optimization Can Benefit Employers & Employees. To receive a copy or for more information, contact Mr. Ballinger at 213-399-0387 or bart.ballinger@perspectivepartners.com, or visit ManagedDeferrals.com.

NestUp Managed Deferrals© is a service of Perspective Partners, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Manning & Napier Group, LLC.


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