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Economists Want You to Stop Borrowing From Your 401k - Summary: U.S. retirement industry leaders talk about the prospect of doing away with 401k loans before younger workers follow in the footsteps of previous generations and start using their retirement account like an ATM. Workers who take out 401k loans risk not having enough saved for retirement because they miss out on growth while the money is borrowed.

Why You Should Rebalance Your Investment Portfolio - Summary: The asset classes in your portfolio may not move in the same direction at the same time or by the same amounts. Over a period of time the amount of "eggs" in each "basket" may look drastically different then how it started; these shifts can impact how your portfolio behaves and the risk that you are taking, which could impact your retirement plan. Rebalancing can help keep your portfolio inline by moving the "eggs" between the "baskets" back to your original allocation.

Maximize Your Retirement Savings - Tips on Using the Fee and Investment Information From Your Retirement Plan - Summary: While there are a number of factors to consider in making sound investment decisions, start with the information provided by your plan. Your plan administrator should provide you with key information about certain investment options offered by the plan every year. This information is provided in a format that allows you to compare the investment options. To help you use the investment-related information provided by your plan, this article describes some of the key information you will receive from your plan and provides tips on using this information in evaluating your investment choices in your plan.


A glossary retirement plan and investment terms available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that come to our pension experts.

What is a 401k plan?

Does my employer have to provide a matching contribution?

How do I locate an old 401k that I think I contributed to at a former employer?

If I needed to get access to an old 401k, what are my options?

If a Company You Work for Goes Bankrupt, What Happens to Your 401k

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Managing Your 401k Plan Assets

We are not in the investment advice business, but these articles may give you some important insights. You should always consult with your financial advisor for more detailed information and advice.

A Look at 401k Plan Fees

Asset Allocation Made Simple

Behavioral Finance -- What's Behind Your Investing Decisions?

Company Stock In Your 401k -- Keep it Balanced

Investment Basics

Indexing Prevails in "Stock Picker's" Market

The Magic of Compounding

Ten Steps to Making a Financial Plan to Create a Secure Retirement

Making the Transition: A Pre-Retirement Checklist

The Value of Asset Allocation

Nurture Your 401k Portfolio Using Asset Allocation

Why Is Knowing the Investment Style of a Stock Mutual Fund Important?

Understanding Investment Risk

Other Sites of Interest

Here are a couple of other websites you may find useful.

Why401k.com is a site where participants can go and calculate how their 401k deferrals will effect their paycheck.
Guideto401kloans.com for information on 401k loans.
Guideto401khardships.com for information on 401k hardships.


Here are some handy on-line tools to help you solve some common financial problems. If you find these tools useful, be sure to bookmark this page.

The Roth 401k Analysis Tool

401k Savings Calculator

401k Calculator

Some Useful Information

We have gathered a few articles and other information on important 401k issues that are often asked about.

Do Surviving Spouses Have a Right to a 401k or an IRA? - Summary: When choosing a beneficiary for a retirement plan, it is important to understand how your spouse will be treated under the plan. Surviving spouses are treated differently under 401ks and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). While a 401k provides protections for a surviving spouse, an IRA does not.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Your 401k Plan - Summary: Compared to other savings plans available to private sector workers, the 401k plan has many good points. Here are our top 10 reasons why you should join your plan.

Tips for Protecting Your 401k When Markets Tumble - Summary: Since many investors recouped much of their losses from the 2008 financial meltdown during the remarkable rally from March, 2009, to April, 2010, it's even tougher now deciding how to react to the market's current 10% pull back. The following are some tips for protecting your nest egg.

Loans and Hardship Withdrawals

Articles on the various rules, regulations. practical issues and guidelines related to 401k loans and hardship withdrawals.

401k Retirement Plan Loans: An Overview

401k Hardship Withdrawals: An Overview

Hardship Withdrawals Give Access to 401k Savings, but at a Cost

Emergency Access to Your 401k: Hardship Withdrawals

The Pros and Cons of Taking a 401k Loan

Do's and Don't's of Hardship Distributions

The Two Biggest Traps Behind 401k Loans and How to Avoid Them

Eight Reasons to Never Borrow From Your 401k

Don't Tap Your 401k to Pay Off Debt

Other Good Information on and About 401k's

How does a 401k plan work? When does my employer have to deposit my payroll contributions? How can I take an early withdrawals without penalty? Are there warning signs I should look for? What are my pension rights? We have gathered articles on these and other important issues so you can quickly find in depth information and analysis. And we regularly update and add to this content.

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