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Our researchers look for what they think are some of the better resources available to assist you in administering your plan or running your practice. We group these resources in our COLLECTED WISDOM™ topics to make it easy for you to locate the information you need. Below is a current list of topics. Just click on an item for a quick listing of available resources for that topic.

We also maintain some older material in these collections for perspective and context.

Click on one of these Topic Directories

403(b) Plan Issues and Compliance

404(c) Issues and Compliance

408(b) DOL Fee Disclosure Regulations

Automatic Plan Features (Enrollment)

Blackout Periods

Books of Interest to the Retirement Plan Community

Choosing and Monitoring Plan Providers

Company Stock

Compliance and Regulatory Related Issues

Court and Legislative Actions

DB(k) Plans

Employee Education and Participation

Enforcement Actions by the Department of Labor

ERISA Advisory Council Working Reports

ERISA Bonding

Exchange Traded Funds

Fees and Expenses

Fiduciary Responsibility and Liability

Hardship Withdrawals

Investment Advice

Investment Committees

Investment Policies

Loans to Employees From Plan

Opinion and Commentary

Pension Protection Act of 2006

Practice Management

Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIA)

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Revenue Sharing

Roth 401k's

Safe Harbor 401k Retirement Plans

Self Directed Brokerage Accounts

Solo 401k Retirement Plans

Studies and Research

Target-Date Funds

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