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Litigation Trends Remain Steady: Considerations to Help Plan Sponsors Stay Vigilant

The idea of litigation is a daunting one. While there is simply no way to insulate your plan from litigation, there are steps plan sponsors can take to mitigate circumstances. Overarchingly, plan sponsors must be vigilant in their plan oversight. But what does that mean? Here is a list of specific action items to help the plan sponsor community be in good stead should litigation arrive at their doorstep.

Source:, March 2023

Latino-Owned Businesses May Be Poised for 401k Plan Growth

As state mandates for small businesses take hold, industry players see an opportunity in reaching the underserved Latino population.

Source:, March 2023

DISH Beats Back Excessive 401k Fee Suit

Another excessive fee suit with participant plaintiffs represented by two active ERISA litigants has been dismissed on several grounds. The defendants in this case -- DISH Network Corporation, the board of directors of that firm, and the retirement plan fiduciaries of the $841 million DISH Networks 401k -- were charged in a suit brought by four former participants.

Source:, March 2023

2022 Was Rough Year for Near-retirees in Target-date Funds

Last year was a difficult one for mutual funds and ETFs generally, but a category of all-in-one products that serve as the backbone of 401ks -- target-date funds -- offered almost no shelter for people on the cusp of retirement. While stock and bond allocations hurt the performance of TDFs last year, fees declined and assets flowed to collective investment trusts, Morningstar found.

Source:, March 2023

How Employers Can Leverage Retirement Law Changes

This article provides an overview of the salient features, as well as plan sponsor considerations, concerning impactful areas of change under the SECURE 2.0 Act, including allowing employers who sponsor a 401k plan, 403b plan, or SIMPLE IRA to make contributions that match an employee's student loan payments; and facilitating new distribution planning options.

Source:, March 2023

Auditing Small Employer Retirement Plans

New rules change the method of counting participants for Form 5500 purposes, possibly both eliminating audits and allowing the use of the abbreviated Form 5500-SF.

Source:, March 2023

Missed the 401k Restatement Deadline? Here's Your Plan B for Compliance

The deadline for restating a 401k, profit sharing, or money purchase pension plan has come and gone. So, what can an employer do? It was, after all, the employer's responsibility to ensure that the plan was updated and signed by July 31, 2022. But if an employer did miss that deadline, there is a Plan B.

Source:, March 2023

Retirement Advisers See Increased Scrutiny on Fees, Services

Retirement plan advisers may be seeing an increase in request-for-proposal evaluations, presenting both an opportunity and a risk for their businesses, according to industry participants. One key driver for plan sponsors in re-considering their adviser team is the wave of consolidation by aggregators, according to industry participants.

Source:, March 2023

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