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Six Reasons to Offer Automatic Enrollment in Your 401k Plan

Automatic enrollment is an effective method of encouraging employees to save. This is a strategy worth considering for a variety of reasons. Not only does it motivate employees to save for retirement, but it also is advantageous to your business. Here are six reasons why offering automatic enrollment is advantageous.

Source:, June 2023

SECURE 2.0 Guidance Process Begins: Self Correction for Eligible Inadvertent Failures Is First Up

The IRS has issued interim guidance to address the changes made by section 305 of SECURE 2.0 to the self-correction program under the IRS Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System. While the IRS will issue guidance completely restating the rules of EPCRS to reflect the new statutory changes within two years, Notice 2023-43 provides initial guidance, in question-and-answer format, regarding what qualification failures can be self-corrected now.

Source:, June 2023

The DOL's Fiduciary Interpretation and the Florida Court Decision

The DOL's fiduciary interpretation and PTE conditions were opposed by some in the financial services industry. As a result, two lawsuits were filed in Federal Courts, one in Florida and one in Texas. The Florida court has reached its conclusion; the Texas lawsuit is still pending. Fred Reish discusses them.

Source:, June 2023

2023 Expert Guide to Safe Harbor Match Options

This article dives into the range of Safe Harbor Match options, alternatives to the traditional Safe Harbor Match, and how to choose the Safe Harbor design that best fits your goals. It also discusses four key strategies you can use to decrease Safe Harbor costs and improve the chance your plan achieves strategic company goals.

Source:, June 2023

IRS Notice 2023-43: Self-Correction Changes From SECURE 2.0 Are Immediately Effective

On May 25, 2023, the IRS issued Notice 2023-43, which provides interim guidance on the interpretation and application of Section 305 while the updated EPCRS procedure is pending. And it contains good news.

Source:, June 2023

401k Safe Harbor Rules - 2023

A description of the 401k safe harbor rules, updated for 2023, as well as an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of this plan design option.

Source:, June 2023

The New Roth Catch-up Requirement Needs Clarification-What Are Plan Sponsors to Do?

Beginning in 2024, SECURE 2.0 significantly changes the rules for catch-up contributions. Although the majority of non-governmental plans already permit Roth contributions, there is no precedent for this new requirement and a great deal of confusion about plan sponsor options for compliance.

Source:, June 2023

Achieving Fiduciary Excellence

In today's increasingly competitive environment, more advisory firms are seeking to differentiate themselves and grow AUM by formalizing their commitment to fiduciary excellence. 139 investment advisory firms from around the world have done just that, achieving certification by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence. This report provides an inside look at how those advisory firms operate their practices.

Source:, June 2023

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